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Genuine Quality

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What does 'Genuine Quality' mean?

Many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) sell two ranges: the OEM range with all the vehicle manufacturers markings, and the Genuine Quality range without them. The units come off the same production lines, and are simply labelled differently.

This is because the OEM product is covered by exclusivity agreements with the vehicle manufacturers. For example, Hitachi manufacture starter motors for Nissan; they cannot sell a Nissan branded starter to the aftermarket. They can, however, sell an Hitachi branded one. The Hitachi branded one is known as Genuine Quality.

Sometimes, manufacturers will simply omit the label altogether. In the case of Mitsubishi, who stamp their numbers, they omit the last 5 digits. The actual unit is the same product.

At JAS, we've teamed up with quality suppliers to bring you Genuine Quality products from well known suppliers like Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Mando, Valeo and Denso. 

Real Quality, Real Warranty

Our Genuine Quality products carry a massive two year / 100,000km warranty! 

Because they are no different to OEM, our Genuine Quality units carry an extended warranty. Whatever the application, we've got your back.

Fit Genuine Quality products from JAS with confidence!

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